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The Culinary Historians of the Philippines (CHOP) is a non-profit sister organization of the Culinary Historians of Washington, D.C. (CHoWDC). We are not historians in the academic or scholarly sense; we are students of culinary history who want to give back to society through culinary-based programs. Our mission: To study, promote, and help preserve the history and heritage of Philippine cuisine and culinary customs/traditions; to implement advocacy programs; and to study the cuisines of other countries. [Your comments on our posts are most welcome.]

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The festive "palayok" (clay pot) represents the colorful history of Philippine cuisine, with all the various influences distilled into a truly unique culinary culture. We believe that what we learn about the past should inspire the present and the future of our own cuisine.

The three primary colors—red, yellow, blue—represent the three objectives of CHOP, which are:  to study, promote and help preserve the history and heritage of Philippine cuisine and culinary customs and traditions; to implement culinary-based advocacy programs targeting marginalized segments of society; and to include in its future programs the study of the cuisines of other countries worldwide. 

Designed for CHOP by John Leyson (of liquid and liquid CREATIONS, a Brand Design Firm), the beautiful and eloquent logo perfectly captures the essence of the organization.

Note:  "Association of Culinary Historians of the Philippines, Inc." is our SEC-approved full name, but we like using our nickname, "Culinary Historians of the Philippines" (CHOP).

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  1. Can we invie a speaker from u to talk aboutthe culinary historu and culture of Filipinos?